Misc Fallen_Knight Honey Story Ch.2: Lucienne’s Longing

Misc Fallen_Knight Honey Story Ch.2: Lucienne's Longing


Tags: 3d, ingles, big breasts, exhibitionism, honey select, nakadashi, pregnant, schoolgirl uniform, sole female, illusion, animated

Description: (Version 1.0)
Made using Honey Select and Honey Studio.

Some gifs have been downgraded due to the 10MB size cap for .gif files. Those gifs will have its name in all caps and will not have a non-text version uploaded to the gallery. The torrent listed will have all files in their original size.

There will be some clipping among the gifs, but all unacceptable clipping that I have taken note of has been photoshopped out. This is my first time creating and editing gifs. Although nearly everything I did is self-taught, please rest assured the quality reflected my best effort. Let me tell you guys. Gifs are especially time-consuming to photoshop xD. But please feel free to criticize the image quality of the panels along with the quality of the story. I know that I should strive always improve, and I appreciate all feedback. I will try my best to respond and explain difficulties if relevant to all feedback.

I also updated Chapter 1 with the new text display style implemented in this chapter. Please feel free to take a look.

Series Links:
Chapter 1: http://g.e-hentai.org/g/999712/9618aa1d3d/

Thanks for reading :D.

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Misc Fallen_Knight Honey Story Ch.2: Lucienne’s Longing